Jalapeño Sauce

A jalapeno sauce like you've never experienced

This delicacy, made from 100% Italian Jalapeño peppers, is the result of a harmonious synergy between traditional wisdom and a modern pursuit of flavor.


Uncover the magic of balsamic vinegar in our extraordinary and unexpected recipes, suitable for every culinary experience.

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  • Luxury Food & Beverage Quality Awards: Acetaia Guerzoni awarded Best Vinegar

    Luxury Food & Beverage Quality Awards: Acetaia Guerzoni awarded Best Vinegar

  • Participation in Biofach 2023

    Participation in Biofach 2023

  • Bees in a biodynamic farm

    Bees in a biodynamic farm

Let time take its course

Balsamic vinegar is the most noble fruit of an art as ancient as the world itself: the art of waiting. Here at Acetaia Guerzoni, we utilize the finest organic and biodynamic grapes, the most exquisite barrels, and the most careful cooking techniques, racking, and aging. But time, that's not up to us. All we can do is be patient.

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.D.O. extra-old is a unique vinegar in the world because it is already organic and biodynamic despite over 25 years of aging

Who we are

Pioneers of organic and biodynamic agriculture

Since its origins, Acetaia Guerzoni has chosen the biodynamic approach to agriculture. At the end of the seventies few people talked about it and very few had the courage to apply it. A choice, ours, motivated by a profound love for the land and for the people: all of us who feed on the fruits of the earth.

Organic and biodynamic

Three generations of farmers. A clear vision of the relationship between man, nature and food

We care about the quality of the raw material, grown with full respect for the soil and the animals that populate it. Our company proudly
passes on the teachings of Arduino and Zina Guerzoni who, together with their son Felice and daughter-in-law Iride, founded it in the early seventies. Their love for the land and for those who work it is ours;
their passion for this work lives within us. We are and will remain a small agricultural company, distant in philosophy and structure from industrial production. We have never accepted any compromise that affected, even minimally, our organic and biodynamic philosophy. Because the quality of what we eat and the respect for those who work are priceless.