Refined in barrique Apple Vinegar 250 ml - Organic Biodynamic

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Matured for weeks in oak barrels, this biodynamic Italian apple vinegar acquires a delicate aroma of ripe apple and a fruity taste suitable for the freshest dishes of everyday cuisine.

An apple vinegar produced with only biodynamic Italian apples, is aged in our oak barrels (barrique) for several weeks to give it a delicate and particular scent, suitable for all fresh dishes. Produced from a natural fermentation without the addition of sulphites or other additives, it has an acidity of 5%.
The Refined Apple Vinegar is proposed in the personalized bottle with crown cap with the measuring cap.

Recommended every day on the table and for cooking.

You will receive the product in our exclusive eco-friendly gift packaging. Each bottle, sealed with a crown cap, is encased in a "grape paper" sleeve, made by incorporating 30% of byproducts from wine production, and sealed with a sophisticated ribbon. Additionally, inside the package, you will find a handy measuring cap housed in its own little protective box.

Produced in Italy 

100% italian apple
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Apple cider vinegar*.*Organic and Demeter

Excellent for salads and vegetable

- Calories (KJ): 89
- Calories (Kcal): 21
- Fat: 0 g
- Saturated fat: 0 g
- Carbs: 0 g
- Sugar: 0 g
- Protein: 0 g
- Salt: 0,005