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Our story begins with my grandfather Arduino and grandmother Zina.
After many years of hard work in the countryside, using a lifetime of savings, they managed to realize their dream and buy a large cottage surrounded by vineyards in Concordia sulla Secchia, in the Lowlands near Modena.
My father Felice and mother Iride, after coming across and deepening their knowledge of Rudolf Steiner’s work, began the gradual conversion of vineyards towards Organic and Biodynamic agriculture: in the 70s, in Italy, they were true pioneers and moved against the flow, if compared to all those who chased the use of chemical fertilizers to improve crop yields.
In the early 80s, when there still was no such thing as an organic certification in Italy, our farm was already complying with the biodynamic procedural guidelines as set by the German body of control Demeter, global reference point for that kind of agriculture.
In those same years, the production of Traditional Balsamic Modena Vinegar began; today we are the sole world owners to barrels containing over forty-year-old vinegar from biodynamic grapes.
You might well say I was born in that vineyard and played hide and seek among the barrels while my parents worked hard managing the vineyards.
After graduating with a thesis on “Cooking grape must” I took over the reins of Acetaia Guerzoni, innovating production procedures and bringing our products abroad.
Despite the great changes, we have always been very observant of tradition and today our vinegar factory is the only one in the world to hold both an Organic and a Biodynamic certificate.

Lorenzo Guerzoni

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