Not only organic farming, which means growing natural substances  found in nature but also biodynamic agriculture. The Guerzoni Company has always focused on biodynamics as an element and a distinctive choice. One of the first companies in Italy, the Acetaia Guerzoni is now very well known throughout the world for its vinegar that comes from the application of the methods, rules and biodynamic techniques. Biodynamic farming is a cultivation method based on anthroposophic spiritual vision of the world elaborated by the philosopher and esotericist Rudolf Steiner and including sustainable systems for agricultural production, particularly of food, that respect the earth’s ecosystem. Two principles that can be considered typical of biodynamics theory of Steiner have to do with composting and the phases of the Moon. Some practices codified in biodynamics have a scientific roots (such as the “green manure”, ie the burial of special plants for the purpose fertilizer and “crop rotation”) other practices are more practical. For example, is  considered a fundamental practice   to spray the soil with “biodynamic preparations”, obtained from manure, quartz powder or vegetable substances, in homeopathic dilution. The proposed Steiner biodynamic farming is linked to certain natural preparations available in the company. Something similar to the concept used in homeopathy. The technique is very useful especially for strengthening the plants including the leaves. Fertilization also occurs following a specific timetable using mainly cow manure matured with the ‘addition, in small doses, of some biodynamic vegetable  substances . The manure thus prepared has a much higher energy and can help plants grow strong and sturdy. The most important operational tools biodynamic farmer are: Agricultural rotations; The biodynamic preparations; Composting is in heaps with biodynamic preparations, or surface treatments; The lunar and planetary calendar for sowing and in growing operations; Non-destructive soil tillage; The quality fertilizer through special green manure and fertilization with biodynamic compost; The objectives of biodynamics are no different from those of traditional agriculture: maintain the fertile land; keep healthy plants; improve product quality A certified biodynamic products, and ‘the organization Demeter International, an association founded in Germany which also Guerzoni Company has obtained the certification.

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