For Lorenzo the choice to work in the family business was not at issue. He was born in 1978, in Mirandola, a few km from Concordia where the vinegar Guerzoni is, in Modena area. Lorenzo, one of the Acetaia owners and manager, grew up in the province and attended the University of Modena, where he graduated with a degree in chemistry . Now, he runs the company along with his wife Federica, who recently joined the Acetaia Guerzoni as partner. When did you realize that the company would become not only a family but also your job? I was born and raised always in close contact with company that my dad founded. So, I never thought about a different job. Since the choice of school, I always thought about what could be more useful to do better my future work. When I chose the university, I tried to stay close even if the option was not the most appropriate, to continue to help my parents. I would say that the company had chosen me. The marriage with my wife Federica confirmed the tradition of a family business where work and family are the same. How would you describe your job? What makes you excited? It ‘exciting to follow the all aspects of a company. We are inspired by the concept of Rudolf Steiner (closed company) and we are also a traditional farm run by family. We are trying to be as independent as possible in producing or doing what we need for the company. I work in the vineyards, with the sellers, I go to the food shows, fairies. I travel a lot. I work with passionate people and I put myself passion and love in this job. I like to promote and talk about my products and tell people our story, tradition. long. Another thing that fascinates me is the balsamic vinegar. For me it is like a drug. I would use it anywhere, at least once a day I have to eat something made with balsamic vinegar. Why your company has been so successful Because we are the first and the only company thatproduce balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP and traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena DOP certified organic and biodynamic. We are also among the few vinegar producers who use their own grapes and are able to make all stages of production. Not least, our products are appreciated by our customers, for both quality and design. Our company is also a traditional Italian company run by family, like some Italian companies. Our products are also healthy and respect the nature. What are your future goals? We have several projects. One of my dreams is to get closer to the idea of Rudolf Steiner about the company, keeping with the biodynamic and organic. I hope in 2016 we can finally rebuild and fix the buildings collapsed because of the earthquake in 2012. I also hope to be back in the US market after several years. I would like to do again some projects like we did for Christmas when we produced an experimental and successful panettone with balsamic vinegar in collaboration with the Giotto Cooperative.

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