The passion for biodynamic and organic, an ethical philosophy and  above all a tradition that goes deep into the Italian excellence. Those are some of the reasons why restaurateurs, importers chose Guerzoni. Today we will start to interview some Guerzoni customers in Italy and all over world. It will give us some understanding and feedback about Acetaia di Modena. Stefania Lettini is the first guest. She is an importer of Italian wines and niche products, but also a passionate photographer of Italy . Stefania runs her restaurant Lettinis in Dusseldorf and she also deals with the distribution and promotion of her products while some years ago she has outsourced the Lettinis enoteca.  She tells us why she chose Guerzoni. 1) What prompted you to choose Guerzoni products? The history of the family, the quality of the products and the choice to produce in biodynamic since the beginning. 2) Three features of Guerzoni products that make the difference? 1. Tradition and Biodynamic production 2. Quality and  Packaging 3. Competitive prices. 3) Which are the most popular products? People in Germany really appreciate and buy mostly the glaze/balsamic vinegar cream. Our costumers appreciate the sweetness of the cream that is used often with olive oil, salt and fresh bread to make the so called “scarpetta”. In addition it is often used as  dressing for salads like in the classic Caprese “Tomato and Mozzarella”. 4) What do they love mostly?  What is the feedback you have from them? We have a tasting area with all Guerzoni products – always available to be sampled. The most successful products are the  traditional classic vinegar ( both the 12 and 25 year aged ). These two products are popular, along with the balsamic cream. The choices are then made  by taste and budget. Our job is to promote niche products  representatives of the  Made in Italy. 5) Let’s talk about your restaurant. What kind of cuisine and attention you give to the products? The cuisine is 100% Italian. We give so much  attention to the quality of the products. The secret is to choose a few , high quality key products such as olive oil, vinegar, pasta, coffee. We know that even if the price is higher you are paying for the quality. 6) Organic and biodynamic. As these factors have affected you while  picking Guerzoni? Absolutely. These two factors make a huge difference in the choice. //

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