White Grape Must 750 ml - Organic Biodynamic

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Thirst-quenching, tasty, genuine and free of preservatives: organic and biodynamic white grape juice, made with the first pressing of the bunches harvested by hand and in advance, so as to achieve the right relationship between acidity and sweetness.

Guerzoni white grape must, is made with Trebbiano grapes from Concordia sulla secchia vineyard. It comes from the first pressing of grapes in advance to create the right acidity and sugar content ratio; it is finally pasteurized, without adding any preservatives.
Its typical acidity makes it refreshing and pleasant.. The total absence of alcohol makes it suitable for all ages.

Produced in Italy 

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Grape must*.*Organic and demeter

To be consumed fresh with or without the addition of water, also suitable for therapeutic fasts or for grape care

- Calories (KJ): 330
- Calories (Kcal): 78
- Fat: g 0,5
- Saturated fat: g 0
- Carbs: g 19
- Sugar: g 19
- Protein: g 0
- Salt: g 0,005