White Condiment 250 ml - Organic Biodynamic

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A concentrate of flavor that gives rise to a surprising sensation of freshness. A condiment that mixes, according to carefully calibrated proportions, wine vinegar and concentrated must from organic and biodynamic Italian white grapes.

The entire production chain controlled by Acetaia Guerzoni, in order to guarantee the origin of the raw materials. Obtained from the skilful mixture of wine vinegar and white concentrated must, it does not contain any type of preservative or coloring. Exclusively from white Italian grapes, it is suitable for daily use.
Unique in its color and flavor. Often appreciated also in place of Balsamic Vinegar.

Produced in Italy 

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White concentrated must*, Wine vinegar*.*Organic and Demeter

Its freshness makes it suitable for both salad and fish.

- Calories (KJ): 772
- Calories (Kcal): 181
- Fat: g 0,5
- Saturated fat: g 0
- Carbs: g 41
- Sugar: g 41
- Protein: g 0,5
- Salt: g 0,02