Red Wine Vinegar from Lambrusco Grapes 500 ml - Organic Biodynamic

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All the aromas of organic and biodynamic Lambrusco from Modena. Naturally acetified without additives or preservatives, it stands out for its acidity, ideal for salads.

The Lambrusco grapes is the deep connection this product has with the Modena territory; it is cultivated and fermented to make vinegar without the use of sulfites. Wine vinegar is produced through the action of live acetic bacteria, which convert the alcoholic component of the wine by absorbing oxygen from the air. We do not pasteurize the product in order to preserve its maximum vitality and aroma. 

Ideal for those who appreciate the most acidic and strong products, its 6% acidity makes it excellent for salads. 

In addition to the 500 ml bottle, it is possible to have the 250 ml bottle or the 5 litre jerry can.

Produced in Italy 

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Wine vinegar*. *Organic and Demeter

Wine vinegar is one of the most versatile and widely used products in the kitchen, perfect as a salad dressing, essential in marinades and pickles, a key ingredient in various sauces, and also useful for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

- Calories (KJ): 82
- Calories (Kcal): 19
- Fat: g 0,5
- Saturated fat: g 0
- Carbs: g 0,5
- Sugar: g 0,5
- Protein: g 0,5
- Salt: g 0,04