Green Jalapeño Sauce

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Our Green Jalapeño Sauce stands out for the exclusive use of peppers grown according to the strict standards of organic and biodynamic agriculture, with Demeter certification. These peppers, harvested locally, primarily come from Camurein in Reggio Emilia, a farm located less than 60 km from our headquarters.

The green Jalapeño is chosen for its herbaceous characteristics and lively taste. The harvest occurs at the optimal moment when the pepper is still green, to preserve its distinctive flavor. The taste of the Jalapeño is balanced with the addition of concentrated grape must. The combination of jalapeño, wine vinegar, and cooked must, all Demeter certified, creates a sauce with a unique and authentic character. The sauce, free from thickeners, maintains a natural consistency guaranteed exclusively by the pulp of the pepper.

Each 100 ml bottle is equipped with a practical screw cap with an internal doser, for easy and waste-free use. Currently, production is limited to 100 ml bottles.

The product has a shelf life of 2 years if stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator and consume it within a month.

Produced in Italy, using 100% Italian raw materials.

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Wine Vinegar*, Green Jalapeño Peppers*, Concentrated grape must*, Salt. *Organic and Demeter

Ideal for dishes that require a touch of freshness and lightness, this sauce pairs perfectly with fish, chicken, as a dipping sauce for appetizers and tasty appetizers, or to dress potatoes.

- Calories (KJ): 295
- Calories (Kcal): 69
- Fat: 0,9
- Saturated fat: 0
- Carbs: 14
- Sugar: 13
- Protein: 1
- Salt: 1,9