Apple Cream 150 ml - Organic

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Ready-to-use organic apple condiment, with a harmoniously sweet and sour flavor and a pleasant creamy consistency, easy to use not only to season but also to garnish the most diverse dishes.

The ready-to-use cream based on Organic Apple is obtained from only certified organic ingredients, concentrated apple juice and apple vinegar. The main ingredients of the cream are the result of a very high quality production of only Italian apples. Also unique because it does not contain any preservatives or colourants, also suitable for those with food intolerance problems.

The sweet and sour flavour, high density and consistency allow anyone to try their hand at complex garnishes. 


Produced in Italy 

100% italian apple
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Apple juice concentrated*, apple cider vinegar*. *Organic

Excellent with cheeses and meat.

- Calories (KJ): 705
- Calories (Kcal): 166
- Fat: g 0
- Saturated fat: g 0
- Carbs: g 40
- Sugar: g 40
- Protein: g 0,4
- Salt: g 0,02