The Orsogna Winery is a community of winegrowers located at the foothills of Maiella in Italy, about 500 km from our company. It is committed to wine production following the principles of biodynamics and organic farming.

Italian leader in organic and biodynamic grapes probably the winery represents the largest italian reality in the production of Demeter certified organic and biodynamic grapes.

Variety and Quality

The Products of the Orsogna Winery Among the products of the winery, we find Spiritus Terrae, Lunaria, Lunaria Ancestrale, Vola Volè, Vola Volé Maiella National Park, Zeropuro, Lunagaia, Orsogna Winery, Patch Wine, Eva Patch, Cantina Orsogna & Babalù, Mallorio, Padami, Biga, Frantoio Fraia.

Collaboration for Balsamic Vinegar

Our vinegar factory collaborates with the Orsogna Winery for the production of sulfite-free wine from Trebbiano and Sangiovese grapes, intended for the creation of Balsamic Vinegar. The wine is acetified and used for all internal productions at our headquarters.