Our history begins with our grandparents Arduino and Zina. After many years working in the lower Modenese countryside, they purchased with their lifesavings a cottage surrounded by a vineyard. In the 1970s, their son Felice and his wife Iride converted the vineyard to organic and biodynamic. This was considered madness at the time. Their profound respect for nature helped them overcome all challenges. At the beginning of the 1980s, our farm followed German biodynamic policies. Italy had yet to distribute organic certification, so our certification was granted by a Germany controlling body (Demeter). In the same years, we began to produce traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena. Nowadays, our vinegar company is the only one in world to be certified organic and biodynamic. This is perhaps one of our greatest prides.


The farm is connected to the history of the Guerzoni family, which has always cultivated land. Today three family members continue our tradition: Felice, Iride and Lorenzo. You have probably met Iride in the small markets throughout Italy; she never gets tired of meeting people and describing how our product is unique. Lorenzo, on the other hand, travels to fairs abroad. Don’t miss the chance to come to Concordia to speak with Felice. You will find her busy maintaining the grapevines. She dreads leaving them alone and will only venture a few kilometers away.


Our mission is to make reputable and traditional products manifesting flavors of the past and the memory of our grandparents, who did not shape nature to their benefit with chemical products nor invasive techniques, but rather left nature to guide itself.