Natural products Expo West 2019 – Anaheim, CA United States

Natural products Expo West 2019 – Anaheim, CA United States
86000 attendees from 136 countries, 3600 exhibitors including 600 new presences, gathered in Anaheim, California from 5th to 9th March, these are the figures of the 39th edition of Natural Products Expo West in Los Angeles, the largest global event dedicated to Natural Products. Conferences and social events have been planned for the entire duration of the event, from food, drinks, “super food” and body care to join consumers and operators in the sector towards the increasingly “green” of the last years. For the first time Acetaia Guerzoni takes part in the event, with the entire collection of biodynamic products to face the American market, increasingly direct and interested in the consumption of “green”, “organic” and “natural” products. “We have chosen to come to California”, explains Lorenzo Guerzoni, owner of the homonymous Acetaia, “as an area already deeply linked to the concept of biodynamic farming and ready for a turning point in the consumption of organic products”. “We obtained wide acclaim, interest and curiosity both for the particular type of farming, but also for the quality of the products we offered” explains Guerzoni “also thanks to the support of Demeter USA, which has supported us with important way in this path “. In this regard, on this occasion we presented the first two private-label biodynamic products for the American market. Every year Expo West strongly supports the connection between consumers and emerging companies that are trying to go against the big industries, which for decades have devastated the market and above all the planet. This event highlights the importance of the community’s commitment and the role of each of us to create a sustainable industry. This is the first major step to reach the American market, the result of a great research and production study by the Guerzoni technical staff, while maintaining the nature of “Acetaia Artigianiale”, so as not to lose its origin.

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