The future in the name of the tradition. The new year starts with some important news for Guerzoni Vinegar of Modena. It will be an important year where, as always, commitment, passion, which for years has set us apart, joins the desire to communicate with our customers, passionate and curious readers. That’s why we created ” Blog Acetaia Guerzoni”, an important instrument that we really wanted, not only to keep up with the times but to communicate our work, start a dialogue, to convey our passion. With the blog, readers will come in the company, know the history, production steps, appointments, exhibitions, products. And above all, they know the faces of those who have made this company a great reality. We’ll talk about using organic farming, the importance of biodynamic methods that respect the natural cycle of nature. This is because we care about the health and respect for man and nature. We talk of attention to the quality of the commitment of people who work every day with us to bring in all the tables our products. Quality and transparency, are our two principles, values, so important to us. And so, we will start the dialogue with the audience that follows us, which we hope will be more and more numerous, passionate and sensitive. We put our heart, the passion and the head to carry out an ambitious project of great quality. You will put the enthusiasm, curiosity and constructive criticism. Enjoy the reading! Lorenzo Guerzoni

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