Sharing values of sustainability and healthy agriculture.

Our collaboration with the Terre Vive Agricultural Company in Gargallo di Carpi stems from a shared commitment to fundamental values in agriculture.

Located 25km away from our Vinegar Factory in the province of Modena, Terrevive is a tangible example of sustainable, organic, and biodynamic agricultural practices.

This company not only promotes organic farming but also carries out valuable social projects for the Modena’s area, collaborating means also contributing to the growth of the territory.

Bergianti Wines

From the same vineyards come the. natural wines of Bergianti Wines, crafted with care by Gianluca Bergianti, his wife Simona, and a team of agricultural professionals.

Some of the wines produced by Bergianti Winery include Pierfranco rosato re-fermented, Bianco fermo (still white), Rino bianco fermo (still white), No Autoclave rosato re fermented, Fine rosato (rosé) classical method, Rosso (red) classical method, Steve bianco re fermented.

Terrevive's approach: promoting health and quality

Organic and Biodynamic agriculture have always been the solid foundations of Terrevive. It's not just the commitment to avoiding synthetic chemicals, but more importantly, the superior quality of Terrevive's products and their contribution to the health of consumers and the environment.
Proximity and Support to the Local Community The closeness of Terrevive to our company and its location in the Modena area strengthens the bond with the local community.
Terrevive's social commitment generates a unique value in the territory. By purchasing biodynamic and organic grapes from Terrevive, customers not only get genuine and healthy products but also support the local economy and contribute to reducing the environmental impact of long-distance transport.

Collaboration withTerrevive

Each year, we acquire Demeter certified Ancellotta grapes available from Terrevive.
This grape, handpicked by the social cooperative ‘Il Fermento’, is quickly transported to our vinery. After destemming, the color is extracted, and a gentle pressing is performed. The obtained  must, after a suitable rest for sedimentation, is bottled to produce our Red Grape Must.

From the Lambrusco grapes, on the other hand, we obtain a natural wine without added sulfites or yeasts, intended for the production of our wine vinegar and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.