Much more than organic, biodynamic agriculture consists of a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to crops and their fruits, food and nutrition. The objective is to recreate more balanced agricultural ecosystems, in which the farm (land, plants, animals, humans and environment) is seen as an interconnected, interdependent and self-sufficient whole in terms of fertility.

According to biodynamics, agriculture is a form of collaboration between man and nature aimed at ensuring the prosperity of both, respecting the ecology, culture and traditions of a place. It follows strictly defined guidelines that apply from seed to finished product with the aim of protecting the overall quality of foods, their safety and traceability, and the fertility of the soil.

Since respect for human beings is inherent to the biodynamic approach, the directives that we are required to comply with, provide for the integration of social responsibility principles into company processes.

For us it means supporting community development (especially at local level) by cooperating along the entire supply chain.

Man and earth: 7 principles toprotect a vital bond

The biodynamic approach surpasses both the organic regulations
and the concept of sustainability. The idea of regeneration is crucial. Like
every agricultural company, Acetaia Guerzoni is unique but applies the same
seven principles of biodynamics to its context:

  • Land fertility, obtained through continuous soil regeneration, a basic condition for improving our food, our health and the health of the planet.

  • We say no to GMOs and we do not chemically treat our soil. We preserve the integrity and diversity of the seeds and prefer open pollinated varieties. Healthy and vital plants mean environments rich in biodiversity.

  • For biodynamic agriculture, animal welfare is a priority. In fact, in addition to meat, milk and eggs, farm animals produce manure, essential for healthy soil rich in nutrients. Given the small size of our company, we are exempt from having animals but we fertilize our vineyards using organic and biodynamic manure from certified local partners.

  • Biodiversity is priceless. 10% of the arable land is left uncultivated or dedicated to biodiversity through good practices such as polycultures, crop rotations, maintenance of virgin forests, stable meadows, water bodies, refuge areas for insects, birds and wild animals.

  • We guarantee the organic quality of our products. Demeter certification includes organic certification because biodynamic goes beyond organic, offering superior product quality.

  • We have an ecological responsibility and this requires us to create hospitable biotopes for all living beings, from the smallest insects to grazing animals, and
    everything in between. Also this, restores the fertility of the land and fights climate change.

  • Last but not least, we have a social responsibility.
    At the heart of biodynamics there is a deep desire for social justice, respect and transparency. Human beings are part of the farm organism and must be valued and respected, they must enjoy safe working conditions and equal opportunities regardless of ethnic origin and gender.