A jalapeno sauce like you've never experienced

In the heart of Acetaia Guerzoni, where a legacy of three generations in biodynamic agriculture meets innovation and sustainability, a distinctive culinary creation comes to life: our 'Jalapeño Sauce.'

This delicacy, made from 100% Italian Jalapeño peppers, is the result of a harmonious synergy between traditional wisdom and a modern pursuit of flavor.

Offering two unique variants - green and red - each celebrates a different stage of the fruit's maturity, revealing flavor nuances that only nature can provide. This sauce is not only a testament to our dedication to quality, but also to our passion for creating condiments that reflect the richness and diversity of the Italian territory.

Salsa al Jalapeno Verde

A green Jalapeño sauce, enriched with cooked must and wine vinegar, boasts select ingredients of Italian origin. This combination offers a perfect balance between spicy and sweet, creating an intensely aromatic condiment, characterized by a rich flavor and a balanced spiciness.

Red Jalapeño Sauce

Our Red Jalapeño Sauce is the result of an elegant synergy between wine vinegar and chili pepper, with carefully selected ingredients from Italy. The red maturity of the Jalapeño gives this sauce a balanced and intense spiciness, enriched with a bouquet of distinctive and inviting aromas.