Solidarity purchasing groups

Convenienced price list for Solidarity Purchasing Groups

At Acetaia Guerzoni, our dedication to crafting organic and biodynamic IGP balsamic vinegar from Modena is just one aspect of our commitment. We are driven by a desire to actively contribute to the well-being of our community. With enthusiasm, we present our new price list, designed specifically for solidarity purchasing groups (GAS).

Solidarity purchasing groups (GAS) are essential in the landscape of conscious and collective consumption. These groups, comprised of individuals united in direct purchasing from producers, reflect our vision of a more sustainable and just future. Therefore, we offer favorable conditions to GAS that choose our organic and biodynamic vinegars for their selection.

Representatives of GAS can contact us directly to access the price list. Our team is ready to provide all necessary information, discuss the specific needs of your group, and assist you in selecting products that best suit your preferences.

At Acetaia Guerzoni, we believe that every gesture can contribute to building a more sustainable tomorrow. With this initiative, we aim to strengthen a network of support and solidarity, combining our passion for organic and biodynamic agriculture with the commitment of GAS to ethical and environmentally conscious consumption.

For more information and to become a partner in this journey of taste and sustainability, please fill out the form below, and you will be contacted soon.

Transformers: processing account of your grapes purchasing groups

The art of transformation: from grapes to vinegar

At Acetaia Guerzoni, we understand the value and potential of grapes cultivated with care and dedication. Since 1984, we have been transforming grapes or wines from agricultural companies or wineries into balsamic vinegar or other types of vinegar. We are here to accompany you on this journey.

We offer consulting services to help you understand the best product you can create with your grapes. Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess the unique characteristics of your grapes and your terroir. Through this collaboration, we aim to create a product that reflects the quality of your grapes and the essence of your work.

Our experience in the field of organic and biodynamic balsamic vinegar allows us to offer you in-depth consulting, combining traditional techniques and modern innovations. We will be by your side in every phase of the process, from grape selection to vinegar production, ensuring that the final result meets the highest quality standards.

We believe that every type of grape can harbor unique potential when it comes to producing vinegar. Our mission is to help you unlock this potential, transforming your grapes into a vinegar that is an expression of your work and your land.

To begin your transformation journey and for more information about our consulting service, please fill out the form below, and you will be contacted soon.

Restaurants and chefs

A uniqueselection for chefs and restaurateurs, excellence and quality for the HORECA sector

At Acetaia Guerzoni, we are committed to bringing the excellence and tradition of true balsamic vinegar from Modena, along with a wide range of organic and biodynamic condiments, to kitchens in restaurants worldwide. Our extensive range of products has been carefully designed to meet the needs of the HORECA sector, offering a variety of flavors and formats suitable for every culinary preparation.

Our selection includes practical and versatile formats, ideal for daily use in the kitchen, without compromising the quality and integrity of the product.
Understanding the importance of a menu that reflects the philosophy and uniqueness of each restaurant, we not only offer high-quality products but also the possibility of personalized collaborations. Our team is available for consultations, helping you choose the most suitable products and explore creative ways to incorporate our balsamic vinegar into your recipes.

From appetizers to desserts, adding a Guerzoni product can transform a simple dish into an unforgettable culinary experience. Whether you want to create a sophisticated sauce, a fresh salad, or enhance a dessert with a touch of originality, our products are the ideal choice.
Choosing Acetaia Guerzoni means choosing a reliable partner committed to sustainability and quality.

We are ready to accompany you in creating unforgettable gastronomic experiences, enhancing every dish for an extraordinary experience.
To discover more about our offer for the HORECA sector, please fill out the form below, and you will be contacted soon. Your kitchen deserves Guerzoni's excellence.

Stores and boutiques

Exclusivity and quality for your product selection

At Acetaia Guerzoni, we understand the importance of offering unique and high-quality products in stores and boutiques. Therefore, we invite you to discover our range of organic and biodynamic vinegars and condiments, designed to expand and enrich your selection with products that speak of history, tradition, and innovation.

Each bottle, from the Gold, Silver, and Bronze lines, to Apple Vinegar Barricato and Red Barricato Vinegar, is designed to be a distinctive element on the shelves of your store or boutique, appealing to both the palate and the eyes.

Our Traditional Balsamic Vinegars of Modena DOP, available in 12 and 25-year versions, are the only ones in the world to be certified organic and biodynamic. Their refined design packaging makes them the perfect gift for the most demanding customers, who seek exclusive and high-quality products.

Offering Acetaia Guerzoni products means offering your customers a unique sensory experience, combining taste, smell, and sight. Each product is a story of passion and dedication, a promise of excellence that is renewed with every taste.

Contact us to discover how our products can enrich your offering and become protagonists in your boutique or store. Please fill out the form below, and you will be contacted soon.


Become anambassador of excellence

At Acetaia Guerzoni, we are proud to offer high-quality products that have delighted palates around the world. We are looking for distribution partners who share our passion for excellence and want to bring our organic and biodynamic balsamic vinegars to a wider audience.

Why Choose Acetaia Guerzoni? Our range of organic and biodynamic products, from traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena to a wide selection of condiments, offers multiple solutions to satisfy a diversified clientele. With the growing demand for organic and sustainable products, becoming a distributor of Acetaia Guerzoni means offering your customers special and high-quality products.

As our distributor, you will receive our full support. You will be provided with promotional materials, detailed product information, and training to help you effectively communicate the unique value and quality of our products. Our collaboration is aimed at ensuring shared success and customer satisfaction.

Are you interested in becoming a distributor of Acetaia Guerzoni? Contact us to further discuss this exciting opportunity. Please fill out the form below, and you will be contacted soon.

Breweries: processing of your beers

Valorize every drop: from craft beer to excellence vinegar

At Acetaia Guerzoni, we see opportunities where others see limits. For breweries looking for innovative solutions, we propose an original idea: converting your beer productions unsuitable for bottling into high-quality beer vinegar.

With our established experience in the production of organic and biodynamic balsamic vinegar, we can guide you in creating a superior-quality beer vinegar. We combine traditional methods with modern innovations to ensure that your product maintains a unique and distinctive aromatic profile.

A Sustainable and Ethical Choice.