The Guerzoni meets its customers and clients in different events held in the past weeks to talk and show the quality of the products and communicate the spirit of the company. A dialogue with its customers that  Guerzoni has always favored in the name of transparency and  communication. One of the recent events, it was the annual celebration of the cooperative Aequos, a buying group solidarity (GAS) that brings together several other groups and is organized as a cooperative. The buying group solidarity is a practice that is consolidating more and more in Italy. The goal is to get out of the trade policies of large retailers and have direct contact with the producers  to build a relationship of trust. These groups are presented as groups of families that together decide what to buy dividing spending. They choose their suppliers without asking for lower prices but buying directly from them without the passage in the distribution. The prices are always low enough for families that purchase. The gas network is expanding more and more. You can check it out at now andhttp: // These buying groups frequently give preference to environmentally friendly products such as organic products. Clearly the major purchases are related to fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. But many also purchase packaged products, and some are even trying to buy clothing. In the event organized by Aequos, which was attended by about 450 people, the producers, including the Guerzoni Acetaia, have had a moment to present their products. Everything was organized through the participation of groups and families, in a simple but solid way. At Vipiteno instead, in the province of Bolzano, the Guerzoni attended the celebration of 20 years of Maier Maier, one of the gourmet stores. For two days the shop has invited all of its historical customers to directly know the main producers . The Guerzoni has recently begun a business relationship with Maier Maier which already has becoming very successful. The Guerzoni white vinegar that is used in a typical plate of Bolzano, sweet potatoes in vinegar, has been very appreciated. [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="2063,2065,2067,2069,2071,2073,2075,2077,2079,2081,2083"]

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