The Acetaia Guerzoni arrives in Houston, Texas, to introduce its products during the event “Taste of Italy”a organized by the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce of Texas. A trade promotion event with the aim of enhancing and promoting the Made in Italy in the Food & Beverage sector. The Chamber of Commerce of Texas brought together, for the second consecutive year, a hundred Italian manufacturers both single and consortium members and promoted meetings with buyers from large retail chains, individual restaurants or associations of restaurateurs, importers and distributors. Houston and Texas in general, are expanding in different directions:  Houston is the third most populous city in the United States as well as the largest American biomedical center. Without forgetting that the other big city,  Austin, is considered the second Silicon Valley of California. Silvia Rossi, marketing manager, represented the Acetaia Guerzoni in this trip. The participants visited  the famous Rodeo in Houston, where they met  companies, other  importers as well as  restaurateurs. The event was attended by over 110 buyers,  including importers, restaurateurs, chefs, academics and journalists ( Houston has is a culinary school at the Hilton ). “The focus on Italian food is very strong, explains Silvia Rossi. The Valone family and the Mendola family – two important families of Italian origins-  started here in Hoston opening Italian restaurants and they began a long series of local Italian cuisine. For this reason there is a strong interest on our food and specialties, but we have to make the efforts in giving them the  right information about the Made in Italy”. The cuisine here in Houston is booming, there are about 15,000 restaurants – of all kinds – people go out to dinner at least 3 or 4 times a week, and the restaurants are often full and packed. That’s why the restaurant owners are important customers because, unlike Italy, they want to get the best ingredients for cooking. There have been many interesting contacts, continues Silvia, including two chefs who are looking for a particular cooked must and a potential importer”. This is an important opportunity for Acetaia Guerzoni which aims to enter the American market and promote the Made in Italy.

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