Acetaia Guerzoni took part at Vinitaly 2016. The  most famous wine fair in the world, which this year celebrated its 50th anniversary, was attended by Guerzoni in collaboration with the winery  Mont’Albano, both located  in the organic area. Guerzoni got to meet  the company that produces Rossobastardo with which, Guerzoni shares part of the seeds grapes oil production certified Demeter. “We met many producers of biodynamic wine, says Lorenzo Guerzoni, owner of Guerzoni. Some of these manufacturers are Demeter certified but some have decided to make a self-declaration and therefore declare biodynamic without being certified. The tendency for the wine is to produce ever more natural without sulphites and sustainable agriculture.  For the first time I have heard from some experts about the possibility of asking the state to recognize the Italian Biodynamic with a clear law that unites all movements involved into the organic. ” If the Vinitaly wine was definitely the protagonist, the presence of vinegar, than in previous years, it appears to have decreased. The next event for the Modena company is the  Natural Organic Fair in London

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