After Texas, it comes the Big Apple. The Acetaia Guerzoni continues its US tour with a series of meetings that aims to promote its Italian company and raise awareness about the Made in Italy. Silvia Rossi, head of marketing for the Acetaia Guerzoni, leaded the US Tour. She visited and was part of cooking show in some of the New York milestones restaurants, grocery and gourmet stores. She talked about Guerzoni products and the history of the company. The first cooking show and meeting was at “Del Posto,”one of the first Italian restaurants in New York, opened by Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali, rated with four stars by the New York Times. At “Del Posto”,  Silvia presented the company and the production, starting with the history and the meaning of the Biodynamic balsamic, and the difference with the traditional one. In front of an audience of thirty highly trained chefs, they have been prepared prawns and fresh fruit served with Guerzoni products, to demonstrate the versatility in using Guerzoni vinegars. The tour then led the Guerzoni to “Piccolo Fiore”,  a restaurant inspired by the cuisine of the Italian region Abruzzo. Once again, at the restaurant, Silvia talked about the products, the origins and tradition of the company. After a tasting at Brooklyn Fare, the Guerzoni products have been offered at the famous store Di Palo in Little Italy. Di Palo is considered the mecca of gourmet Italian food and today it is run by the forth generation of  Di Palo family, originally from Campania and Sicily. Di Palo offers the best of the authentic  Made in Italy and  Lou Di Palo, one of the managers, personally chooses the products and manufacturers after a  careful selection. Acetaia Guerzoni  which is one of the Di Palo’s customers  offered a tasting show at the store. Acetaia Guerzoni also visited Williams-Sonoma, a prestigious shop selling household items and gourmet food in the hearth of Columbus Circle. Ivana Guintoli, the chef manager who organizes parties and events organized the tasting show for Guerzoni. The last event was in Brooklyn, in the brand new wine bar Have and Meyer, a chatteria created with the idea of ​​offering biodynamic wine and products which also belong to Slow Food. [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="2055,2053,2051,2049,2047,2045,2043,2057"]

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