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Condimento Balsamico bianco

Bianco Balsamico – Organic Byodinamic

Condimento Bianco Guerzoni can be defined simply as a ‘‘Nectar for dressing” produced from grape must and wine vinegar. It differs from other similar white dressings for the use of less invasive production methods, and for its slightly brownish yellow colour. The colour, with its natural darkening, also demonstrates the absence of preservatives or food colouring. It is made in small, high quality batches  entirely from organically grown grapes. It is very light and delicate, with low acidity  of 5 %. Excellent for everyday use, it can be used instead of Balsamic Modena Vinegar and wine vinegar. It is ideal on vegetables, fragrant on raw veggies, delicious with seafood and above all ideal in the summer months.
It goes with many dishes, both during cooking, as a special ingredient, and added raw as dressing to exalt the characteristics of fresh, light dishes.
Format 250 ml – 500 ml – 1 Lt – 5 Lt
Certification: Organic – Demeter